Exploring the Language of Colour Beyond Primary Colours in the Age of AI


Meeting: Study Group on the Language of Colour

Date: 29 November 2023

Time: 04:00-05:15 PM

Location: 15th AIC Congress 2023, Chiang Rai, Thailand

Chair: Dr Dimitris Mylonas, Northeastern University London, UK


Figure 1. Colour encoding and neural representation. (A) Colour matching functions.  (B) Distribution of unique hue settings.  (C) Lateral view of the macaque brain showing functional domains biased for colours and faces. (D) Geometry of the neural represention of colour for neurons. (Source: Conway et al., 2023, Figure 2, CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 Deed;

The longstanding notion of primary colours has been foundational in colour studies. However, extensive research into their very existence has produced inconclusive results. Compelling neurobiological evidence from Conway et al., 2023 now suggests that it is time to move beyond traditional paradigms (Fig 1). Added to this, advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI) can offer us large language models to explore this relatively uncharted colour domain in different languages (Fig 2). 

Figure 2. Image generated on DALL-E 2 using the prompt: 3D render of a pink balloon dog in a violet room.

In this meeting of the Study Group on the Language of Colour (SGLC), we will open a discussion on the implications of this new understanding for future research on the language of colour beyond primary colours, as well as related challenges and opportunities that the rise of AI presents for our field. This meeting is open to SGLC members and all AIC 2023 attendees who are interested in this topic and joining our study group.


Benefits of joining the SGLC meeting:

·       Connect with a community of scholars and practitioners who are passionate about the cognitive aspects of colour

·       Learn about the latest research in the field

·       Share your own insights and perspectives

Anticipating a vibrant exchange of knowledge and ideas!

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