Workshop 2

Watercolour by Suphawat Hiranthanawiwat

Suphawat is an assistant professor in the Thai Traditional Architecture Program, Department of Architecture, Faculty of Architecture, Chulalongkorn University. He is passionate about watercolour and has been captivating the world using watercolour painting.  In the workshop, he will introduce you to the beauty of the lotus flower in the pond with the background of Sukhothai’s Historical Park. Throughout this workshop, you will explore Suphawat’s unique techniques and master the art of achieving dynamic tonal depths using multi-layering watercolor techniques for creating beautiful paintings. His personality will make you feel happy and enjoy the workshop.

Why lotus flower? On the 27th of November, the Loy Kratong festival event will be organized nationwide. It is a big festival in Thailand. People take and release Kratong to a river or a pond. Kratong can be made of banana stalks and leaves or lotus leaves with a candle attached. Sukhothai’s historical park is the most popular place for the Loy Kratong festival with light and sound effects every year. This year let’s have fun with waterclour paintings embracing Thai culture and after the workshop and the welcome party we will enjoy floating Kratong into the Kok River by the Riverie Hotel where the AIC2023 is organised.


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