Workshop 1

Cultivating Calm and Focus

Cultivating Calm and Focus: NeuroArt as a Gateway for Understanding the Mind is workshop 1 in AIC2023 The 15th Congress of International Colour Association.

The workshop explores cognitive processes and tools to cultivate calm and focus. It provides an opportunity to engage with a color-coded visual neurofeedback system through a media art project by Petronio Bendito and Tim Korb. In addition, we will practice gentle sitting and standing stretches that can be integrated into our everyday workspace routine, helping to keep body and mind in balance. Finally, there will be a guided meditation protocol that utilizes calm, focus, and proprioception techniques to help us fully integrate the lessons of the workshop into our daily life. 

The workshop is limited seat with first come, first serve. AIC2023 will open the registration form for interest people later.

There is also workshop 2 which is comming soon annouced.


coming soon